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The case of the 40 year old neon

The case of the 40 year old neon

It was 1995 and i got a call from a person that owned a store and  needed his neon fixed , so i went to the address he gave me and i saw right away that he had neon all around the inside of the building ,about 15 feet high, they were straight yellow lines about 9 feet long and each one ended in a strange way , like a swirl .
So i introduced myself to one of the employees and asked to talk to the owner , i told her that i was there to repair the neon , she opened a door to what looks like an office and said “Mr Wilson the neon guy is here” . So Mr Wilson came out and explained that he had an emotional attachment to the neon because his father  who started the business in 1955 had the neon installed when the store opened  and  he had inherited the business when his father died , so he wanted to take care of the neon ,he said that one of his employees had broken  the neon light   he said that it was not the first neon to break he said that in all the years only 3  sections had been broken and replaced , i did not count how many sections he had but they were about 15. The color of the neon was yellow but made with true yellow colored glass , something not very common this days  because it’s an expensive glass today , but what really surprised me were the electrodes , the part where the wires connect to the glass , i had never seen electrodes like those , they were in a cone shape and had a type of cloth around them . So i gave my client a quote and he accepted and proceeded to take the broken section with me for further analysis .
It was obvious that the neon was better than any neon i had seen before , it had been in use for about 40 years ,after dissecting the broken neon and doing an autopsy on the remains i concluded that the longevity of the sign was due to a very well made neon and the electrodes used.
Ever since then i have never stopped in trying to get the best electrodes i can find for the neon i make and not only that i also invest in the best equipment i can find , my goal is to make neon that will last 40 years .
I made a new neon section for mr Wilson and installed it in his store , i don’t know if the store is still in business because i moved  and left that city in 1996 , but i am sure if the store still exists the neon should still be working.


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