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Some uses for Neon

Some uses for Neon

So where else can you use a neon light ? 
How about a toaster

20150203_080643_Richtone(HDR) (1)This  is a very old toaster, maybe from the 50s that some artist, don’t know who decided to put two neon lights, it looks great.I made new neon for the toaster and assembled the whole thing , which was more difficult than i anticipated, but it was finally finished and on it’s way to the state of Nevada.
Where else can you put neon on?
well in your coffin of course , coffin that you will temporarily put in your mancave just alongside the bar .
neon on coffin







Like you can see there are an infinite number of places where you can install a neon light , i will keep on giving you ideas in future posts.
And now some interesting facts about neon

  1. Are new electronic transformers better than the old heavy Metal transformers?
    No they are not better, they are safer because they have an integrated electronic circuit that automatically shuts the transformer of if there is something wrong with the neon , like a break a bad section or a short , but the old transformer did not have this , but they were made to last , some of them are still working after 50 years of use.
  2. What’s inside of a neon glass tube
    A neon sign is made of Glass, Gas and two electrodes. All neon is the same , each section has two electrodes (the end part of the section where the wires come out of the glass) The electricity is introduced by the electrodes to the inside of the glass where the gas is and the electricity does the macarena dance with the electrons of the gas which get very excites and produce the light.It has to be high voltage electricity for the gas to get excited, it’s kinda picky it doesn’t  get excited with any regular type of electricity.
  3. What are the voltages needed to excite the gas in a neon tube ?
    Well it depends in the amount of neon , the more neon the more electricity it needs, the largest transformer there is is a 15000v transformer which is used mainly for store front signs.For beer signs the maximum used is the 10000v sometimes the 12000 v transformer .If there is more neon than a 10000v transformer can handle then a second transformer is installed.
  4. How many gases are there for neon signs
    99% of the signs use Argon or Neon gas , there are some other gases but rarely used.
    Neon gas lights up red and argon lights up a dim violet, so argon needs a drop of mercury to brighten up the light neon gas does not need mercury.
  5. What gives the color to a neon light?
    It’s the combination of the phosphorus powder inside the walls of the glass combined with the gas used.
    For example a glass tube marked as Blue , will light up blue when used with argon and mercury but if you use neon instead of argon it will light up pink.
  6.  Can i leave my neon sign on 24/7 ?
    You could but it’s not a good idea and the reason is because the neon beer signs made today are not what used to be many years ago, the materials especially the electrodes are not of very high quality, so a beer sign could have a life span of maybe 8 years or 10 years, but if you keep it on 24/7 your sign may last you half of the 10 years.
    The solution for extending the life or having your sign not age so fast, put a timer (like the ones sold at lowes or home depot) turn it off when you don’t need it, like at 3 am in the morning, that way you will get more milage out of your neon sign.
  7. Can all beer neon signs be fixed?
    No, there are some that are very complicated and almost impossible to fix, a sign that has more than one section broken will be more than $100.00 to fix , and if it has 3 sections broken it’s not worth fixing anymore, BUT there is hope for some signs, for example if it’s a sports related neon signs like the Lakers or any of the NFL , than it’s a different situation, if you find one of the good ones (i call those “the good ones”) because they sell very fast and at a very good price, so even if it has half the neon broken first of all don’t pay more than $10.00 dlls for it, but you could find the replacement sections on the internet, and eventually put that sign back in working order, this is worth doing only for the sports types of signs.

To be continued …..

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