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Neon Signs Made In China

Neon Signs Made In China

chinese flag

I have written about this before, just have to write about it again .

E Bay is making it possible for Chinese citizens living in china to sell products on E  bay, the prices are very low compared to the prices sold in the USA, but there is a big difference in the neon sign . I have to point out that i do not sell on e bay , i sell neon beer signs only locally and not very often, my main business is repairs and products related to repairs.So there is no commercial benefit for me, so the differences are;

1.- The sign is smaller than the ones sold in the USA

2.- All the materials are cheaper and of low quality

3.- They are not made to last , approximate life span is no more than 2 years depending on use.

So you see buying cheap is very expensive.

Here are some photos of a sign i got in today for repair.

The red section in the logo is broken

neon signs made in china

Low quality transformers


Second transformer...................


Very Low quality switch...................


So please don’t fall for the cheap price, because you are going to buy what you paid for.

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  1. Well it seems that these are mine. Both gifts I love them but both are doing same and stopped working. No broken tubes is it possible could be transformers? I hate to toss them if I could fix and enjoy just a little bit longer. Try to light but just one letter flickers. Appreciate your feedback!

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