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Neon Art And The Neon Artist

Neon Art And The Neon Artist

I think i have written in earlier posts in this blog that people have called me an artist because i make neon signs , and i don’t argue with them i tell them”Yes i am an Artist” and i continue to tell them ” And i was born that way, trough my veins runs art and everything that i see is art ”

But i just make neon signs, not much art in making letters , they say that because i work with glass and use fire to make the neon that that is a work of an artist, like i said i don’t argue with them and i just let things like they are.
But i believe that an artist is somebody that creates something that does not exist , something that has a hidden message or something. And i have always wanted to create a work of neon art but have not come to doing it, but i will one day , then i will see if i am really an artist, and i will let the world judge my work.
Ever since i started in the neon manufacturing business clients and people that have seen me do the neon are always surprised and say “Wow this is incredible what you do”
But for me it’s not, it’s just another day at the office (shop)i’ve gotten used to it, maybe i reacted the same way the first time i saw a person make neon signs,but it was so long ago that i don’t remember.
Maybe my artist side of me is more noticeable in my photography (I am also a photography enthusiast, have been for many years, you can visit my photography website here.

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